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Mind. Blown. The Eye-Opening Science of Behavioral Communication


February 24, 2021
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
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Mind. Blown. The Eye-Opening Science of Behavioral Communication

Long ago someone decided communicators would be too powerful if our skills were combined with what scientists know about the mind. So we call communication an art, and ignore the fact that science holds the keys to what happens while we process communication and make decisions.

Then backfire happens. Misunderstanding flourishes. Debates and divides grow. This madness has to stop. The time has come for communicators to have simple access to the behavior and motivation knowledge that will improve our ability to connect. How can we create maximum comprehension with words when the exact keys of how to do are not included in professional communication training? Our world is too noisy and the consequences of engaging amidst mis- and dis-information too severe to continue to keep communicators in a state of blindness about their behavioral influence. It is time for the science of engagement.

In one action-packed hour, join us to learn:

  1. New ways the mind processes communication and how to use this knowledge to tune your words and strategies for maximum positive response.
  2. How to communicate around the biases and filters that are often the real culprit for communication interference and limit.
  3. How to apply new science-based engagement strategies proven by brands like BMW, Transamerica, and Charter to increase comprehension, connection, and outcomes.


About our guest speaker:


E Edwards portrait

Elizabeth Edwards is the founder and president of Volume Public Relations and Engagement Science Lab. A celebrated communication futurist, Edwards is a strategist, trainer, and keynote speaker who has dedicated her award-winning career to combining human behavior science and motivation science with the practice of professional communication.

Architect of the NeuroPsychological Engagement (NPE) communication method, her work closes the gap between the sciences and communication with a first-of-its-kind, proven framework that tunes communication to positively engage 100% of the mind. For more information visit



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